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For the past year, Metafia has sought to attract a loyal fan base and bridge the gap between the independent film community and the rest of the marketing world. Creating a community of successful film entrepreneurs is our number one goal, which makes education tantamount to what we do, not only for converting our own clients, but for helping to teach a new generation of filmmakers how to grow and monetize their brands with ease. We seek to collaborate and network with like-minded individuals while eliminating the learning curve involved in this digital marketing space, and ultimately set ourselves up to do the work we're all passionate about - film!  

Why join this film community?

You're already facing so much pressure just to create your first film, let alone market it. By sheer necessity, you've had to take on all the roles and responsibilities involved because (let's face it!), who else is going to?  So, wouldn't it be nice to get a head start and begin planning where this masterpiece of yours is going to be seen when it's finally wrapped in post? In metafia, we're inviting you to collaborate with fellow industry professionals who are using social media marketing to elevate and monetize their projects, earn passive income online to support their offline efforts, and simply peek over each other's shoulder in real-time on what to do with their projects next.

We're eager to create a dialogue, not just about marketing, but about the work itself, which is why community and mentorship play a significant role in what we do, while we not only hold ourselves accountable for taking action, but our members as well.

The great new is: inside, you'll also get access to exclusive video training modules, be able to network with members inside of our private Facebook Group, and receive tips from other industry professionals in the film and online marketing biz. So, if you've ever wanted to:

1) Create a profitable online business. 2) Grow a fan base of TRUE followers across social platforms. 3) Create Engagement around your work, business, or offer. 4) Become an Authority in your space. 5) Distribute your work - over and over! 6) Earn ridiculous passive income through multiple streams...

Then this is the right place for you! 

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